HD Civil Sydney | Rouse Rd Bridge
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Rouse Rd Bridge

About This Project

Project: Rouse Rd Bridge, Rouse Hill
Principal: Blacktown City Council
Client: Delaney Civil Pty Ltd
Project Date: January 2018
This project comprised of a 2-span super tee bridge, spanning 70m in total across seconds pond creek and 20m wide with 180m of retaining walls to the bridge approaches. This contract included the full FRP component for the bridge project. The bridge was constructed approx. 3m above ground level.
Some of the components of our scope included:
  • Construction of bridge abutments, pier columns and headstock
  • Installation and temporary propping of super tee girders
  • Construction of 180m of architecturally finished curved retaining wall, varying from 4 to 6m high
  • Construction 20m wide bridge deck with contra flow traffic lanes and a pedestrian path on both sides
  • Cast in-situ deck pours 33m long by 20m wide
  • Construction of 320m of cast in-situ concrete parapets
  • Construction 320m of pedestrian footpath